Дальнее. Алых Роз, дом 11

Третий фасад в Дальнем. Жутко прикольный :) Обыграли натянутый через весь фасад провод. Тоже с навигационной функцией. Согласовано с жителями. Поддержано управляющей компанией.

Сахалинская область, Южно-Сахалинск, Дальнее, переулок Алых Роз, дом 11

Художники: Марина Пузик, Марина Говердова, Алёна Герщук, Анна Соловьёва, Алексей Дружинин

Кто такие «Арт Сахалин»? и Как можно сделать наш остров красивее?

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Investigation clears shire ceo of wrongdoing

Cllr Simon Dickson, a leader in the opposition Green Party, said: «This Government is turning its back on the democratic process and acting like this isn’t a problem for the people of the Shire.

„It is disappointing that these new powers are not more transparent but will not deter the Conservative Government from pursuing an authoritarian agenda from the beginning.“

He said the shire needed to become „more open and inclusive“.

Cllr Dickson said: „We’re working with our constituent parties in this campaign to build an active political movement that will force a Government that keeps its hands off the people to follow the law and do the right thing.“
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Authority chief looking for bipartisan reef support after budget impasse

Senator Jeff Sebelius (R-Texas) will seek bipartisan support for legislation she called „an ambitious climate and energy package,“ if Republicans refuse to fund the federal government to fight global warming, according to a statement issued Tuesday by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee chairwoman.

She spoke to the NRDC’s Brian Maass, and told the group the measure, which is known as the Climate and Energy Trust Fund, „represents a massive and bipartisan opportunity for lawmakers and leaders to improve our country’s fiscal and economic health through cutting carbon pollution and making sure our nation’s energy resources are available to meet the need for energy of the future.“


Sebelius has been under pressure over what she said on Tuesday was the failure of the federal government to fund the project. The Obama administration last year had threatened to withhold more than $3 billion from the fund, a measure which had been proposed by Sen. Jeff Sessions Jefferson (Jeff) Beauregard SessionsHillicon Valley: 50M affected by Facebook hack | Google CEO to testify on Capitol Hill | Tesla shares slump after SEC sues | House Intel votes to release Russia probe transcripts | Dem holds up passage of key intel bill House Intel votes to release Russia transcripts Trump tariffs, trade war make us less able to weather another recession MORE (R-Ala.) in his own committee, which has jurisdiction over the program.

The measure passed the House in July but has yet to be signed by President Obama. Republicans are working on a new strategy that could move the bill to the floor in the next few weeks.

Sebelius said the measure would cut spending and boost revenues by $3 billion, adding that Republicans „will not allow the federal government to delay these crucial decisions on climate and energy.“

She said the measure provides an additional $20 billion a year by „taking money previously earmarked for renewable energy and investing it into energy efficiency and solar power.“


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Синим цветом своих футболок «Скуадра адзурра» обязана Савойе.
Персонажу французской комедии о Фантомасе советские подростки подражали всерьёз.
Молнию можно не только увидеть, но и съесть.
«С любимыми не расставайтесь...» автор написал после того, как чуть не погиб в железнодорожной катастрофе.

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Fair work ombudsman says horse trainers not paying stable staff for hours that they should be working


A state government watchdog says it has received complaints about horse trainers paying stable staff to handle stables that were not in working order.

The Australian Stable Horse Association (ASSA) says horses used by young workers are being left to fend for themselves as they are not held together.

The association released a report on Thursday, highlighting claims stable staff in Melbourne’s south, north, north west, Adelaide and Gold Coast have no guarantee that the horses can be fed properly, watered properly or properly conditioned.

Association deputy president James White said some horses in the Stable Horse Welfare Group were being left to fend for themselves.

«I don’t care what the horse says when it comes to his horse, but they’re not going to pay up to $800 for a day to eat or drink, as he said <to>the inspectors].

„This type of system of working horses is something that the horse association is pushing, that’s the issue with these horses and we’re going to see it through.“

ASSA says stable workers have also been mistreated for providing work as a night shift shift that would have otherwise been provided by horse trainers.

Heavily-trained horses are often sent as an emergency last call between the hours of 7:30pm to 9pm, with the horses allowed home by 2:00am, the association says.

The association said it was investigating the matter and if any complaints were taken the matter would be referred to the ACCC.

The association’s operations chair Jane Young said the industry was taking any allegations seriously and taking action.

„We do have a strong working relationship with our stable management and they’re taking all that we can do to resolve this issue,“ she said.

„However, if there are instances where a stable is experiencing a situation where an employee is not paid, as is often the case, we will investigate that in detail.“

The ACCC said an investigation into claims over pay and conditions of horse welfare workers is currently underway.

Topics: industry, industry-industry, government-and-politics, business-economics-and-finance, australia

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Firm fined 50k for underpaying worker in China

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Almost 80pc of girls now immunised against hpv in australia are already girls as they may be unaware of HPV when they start the vaccination campaign.

That’s just one of a series of issues facing the government. A series of issues including the high rate of cervical cancer, lack of awareness of immunisation and the use of HPV vaccines in children were also highlighted in recent statements from Government minister for health Dr Andrew Colvin.

The report comes after it emerged that a federal health minister was told by her bosses to sign off on routine vaccination of children but instead she opted to get a child from birth instead.
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Govt welcomes latest crime stats for 2013

Police arrested 19 members of the Tamil Nadu Crime Branch in the week to January 13, a 20 per cent increase in the previous week and 14 per cent more than the same period last year.

While 15 offences were recorded at this time last year, this time there were 30 incidents, police said.

TNS is a police unit with a long history of policing the Tamil Nadu capital, with the region becoming a regional force by virtue of its location within Tamil Nadu, one of the 11 main states of Tamil Nadu, after being established in 1892.

According to the data released on Saturday, in the week to 12 January, the police detained 13,735 criminals, an increase of 4 per cent on the previous week.

In 2013, the number of crimes recorded by police fell by 7,902, with 7,903 fewer total offences being recorded for the year compared to 2012.


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  • Зато мы по пустыне пройдем, а лошадь не сможет, завязнет.
  • Мама, посмотри, какие у лошадки зубки ровненькие, а у нас почему такие кривые и гнутые, и слюнавсе время течет?
  • Зато мы можем колючки есть в пустыне, а лошадь не сможет.
  • Мама, посмотри, какая у лошадки спинка гладенькая, красивая, а у нас чего там такое болтается?
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    — Раз ты такой честный, — сказал тот, — оставь этот рубль себе.
    Через несколько дней хозяин потерял золотой портсигар и спросил слугу, не находил ли он его в комнатах.
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Во-вторых, они все бешеных расцветок, куча ярких мелких деталей.

Отдельные жесткие части корпусной мебели, которые образуют цельную конструкцию.

Подойдет до какой мере для классического интерьера, так равным образом для стиля хай-тек.

Красивые вдобавок удобные диваны как и кресла относительно небольших размеров.

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Качественные равным образом недорогие, имеющие оригинальную конструкцию равным образом хорошие характеристики.

Текстурный — тип поверхности, который формируется преимущественным направлением (неоднородностью) составляющих его поверхностных элементов, например, текстура древесины; надо надеяться сочетаться с глянцевым, матовым, полуматовым, полупрозрачным также рельефным типом поверхности.

Открепить меню Закрепить меню Товары первой необходимости

п.) с хорошим блеском, близкой к зеркальной. В отличие с подачи нее может быть иметь цвет, кривизну вдобавок некоторое рассеяние отражаемого света. 

Нубук похож повсечастно замшу, вместе с тем изготавливается из других видов кожи, естественным путем крупного рогатого скота

Наиболее дорогая мягкая мебель, имеющая аристократичный дизайн.

Поле должно быть заполненным Я согласен с использованием моих персональных данных в соответствии с политикой конфиденциальности Для отправки заявки поставьте галочку Отправить заявку

п.) с хорошим блеском, близкой к зеркальной. В отличие с подачи нее надеюсь иметь цвет, кривизну также некоторое рассеяние отражаемого света. 


Pair arrested over suspected hotel robbery Copyright by WISH — All rights reserved Video

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WISH) — Two men have been arrested for a suspected hotel robbery inside the Wells Fargo Credit Union.

Officers were called to the Wells Fargo at 2:24 p.m. Tuesday after receiving reports of the robbery on the first floor.

The incident began when two men entered the Wells Fargo Credit Union, pulled out a gun and demanded money from customers, according to police.

The suspects ran back into the Wells Fargo and allegedly demanded $100 from a clerk, according to police.

One suspect was shot and arrested. The second suspect was taken into custody after officers chased him out of the business.

A witness said that the suspect said, «I got you,» before fleeing.

Both suspects reportedly told the witness that they planned to rob the credit union on the way to St. Vincent Hospital after they got home from the hospital.
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Boonah warned of harsher water restrictions and more costly water projects in future.

«We want the government to understand that we have enough water resources and we need to get serious about addressing water conservation issues,» said Boonah.

The minister said more ambitious plans will be proposed for water conservation projects, but that most major water projects require planning and funding.

In 2010, Boonah had issued two water advisories warning of severe and prolonged drought, high temperatures and river surge during September. The government declared water emergency in seven provinces.

On March 8, the government issued three water advisories to help residents with water-related needs, said Boonah.

«At the moment, there is no information or concrete results of our surveys or analysis. The government is looking into the advisories and we are encouraging any community member who may have an urgent need to ask us,» she said.

The government will consider the water advisories in light of recent rains and expected low flows from reservoirs, said Boonah.

The Ministry of Agriculture says it will begin the first phase of a major water conservation project soon with a project to reduce the use of the Great Lakes, Great Rivers and Lake Superior, said S.C. Boonah, an agriculture ministry spokesman.

The province would have $15 million in extra money for the project, he said. The ministry’s chief of water resources declined to comment on Boonah’s remarks.

Lake Superior has already experienced the effects of recent droughts. The waters have not been fully replenished.

In 2006, the lake plunged 19 to 30 feet in 12 hours, causing rivers to surge out of the ground and kill migratory birds.

As a result, water was diverted to water treatment facilities and dumped into Lake Superior in some areas of the state, creating problems for farmers and farmers’ markets that are still in operation.


Minister denies mother sought help after her daughter died

Two weeks after her daughter died, her distraught mother sought help and was eventually allowed to see her only son from a specialist in death.

In June 2017, her daughter, Emma, died in hospital from a suspected suspected overdose.

A month later, her mother — who has spoken publicly about her grief for more than 40 years — became desperate and found out where her son was.

But when she finally found him, his clothes were stained with blood.

On Monday night, she was overcome with grief and emotion when she revealed she had died.

The distraught mum, who does not want to be named, said she was desperate to return to her son, who was a teacher.

She told the BBC: ’The first thing I did was call all my friends, who all said they wanted to see me, which was nice.

’Then the phone rang and I asked, «Are you coming?» and she said, «I cannot come because my son is dead».

’I am devastated but I am going to ask all of you, my friends, to send some money to help me.

’I will come every week. I cannot think of a way I can come, even if I am going to meet all my friends who are in England. My only son is not here.’

Emma’s sister, Jenny, added: ’I really want my family to see this and that is the main thing — that my mum comes back to visit every week and wants to see her son, and I want to make sure she does.

Emma, pictured today, was one of four children, the other three living at her parents home in Newbury Close

’I don’t want this to happen for my mum, my mum didn’t die because she has loved my dad. She died to protect me.

’If she does go to the doctor now, if they find a needle in her neck and her neck wasn’t broken, why has it happened, I need to know.’

Her father John, 67, added: ’I would love it for her to come back, but she can’t, she can’t. We’ve been so desperate for her.’

The coroner’s inquest into her death heard that Emma died on June 19, the evening of the tragedy, of a suspected overdose.

The inquest in Southam was told: ’Mrs B was under the influence of a depressant drug when she had an unexplained loss of consciousness around 7.15pm that ended her life.

’She was found slumped over near her bed. She was conscious and had an open head injury, but her mouth was full of bloo
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New fodder website with almost 100,000 total views since launch.

And although it’s been almost six months since the site last updated, it’s already garnered plenty of criticism due to the company’s business models. One article on Medium describes the site as «the greatest PR disaster of 2015» and warns that the site «has allowed their corporate sponsors to profit off the goodwill and trust created by their content.»

However, one of the largest sponsors of Foursquare is Reddit, which makes money from ads on the site. Reddit has also reportedly paid $30 million a month to help the company maintain the growth that the site has been experiencing since its launch.

Foursquare is currently valued at over $100 million USD and continues to grow. One year ago, the company was valued at $10.5 million.


Tuesday markets with marcus padley were off slightly at 30.76, as of 9 a.m., but in realtime settled down 2.17 points, or 0.31%, to $18.40. Market data had forecast gains of 1.48% on the day.

Marius was one of the best performing biotech companies of late. The stock closed at $25.17 per share on Friday and it has added more than $5 million per day to its market capitalization. The company’s stock had been trading near the $24 mark before the news broke.

The NASDAQ Composite Index also posted gains on Friday. The broader index rose 0.16% to 1,634.60.


This story was originally published on
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Regent honeyeater survey» on the internet

«Honeyeater» is a project to provide honey eagles with opportunities to see the world for themselves. We do this by collecting reports from individuals in the US, Canada and other areas around the world about birds, the place where they live and what they see each day. We collect data and video from honey eagles, capture the footage and use it as an artform to educate the public about how birds interact with nature and share that information. The goal is not to be the world’s largest honey eagle collection. The data gathered is far from the truth, but when we use our data and tools to better understand what these birds experience each day it enables us to further enrich our species and enhance the lives of future generations of honey eagles. We hope this site will provide you with some interesting and fascinating information that can’t be found elsewhere. Our primary focus in this endeavor is to provide a glimpse into the life of honey eagles in the USA and the worldwide situation of bees.


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Использование материалов как и новостей Центра Слон разрешается при условии ссылки на

В отличии с подачи «гормонального» метода, операция практически не имеет противопоказаний, как и проводится без осложнений.

В ряде случаев показана гирудотерапия, которая способна в ко...

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Иногда бандаж чуть потом меняют на защитный шалька, фиксируя повязку на животе обычным пластырем.

Лучше всего только, если после окончания «брачного сезона» пройдет хотя бы неделя.

Чай почему навевать, если кота поблизости нет, а владелец не имеет никакого желания случать свою питомицу как и после заниматься пристройством котят? Обоюдовыгодным выходом является проведение стерилизации кошки.

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